Since being elected Trustee of the Coast Community College District, Lorraine Prinsky has accomplished the following:

  • Full-Time faculty hiringLorraine Prinsky led her fellow Trustees to make full-time faculty hiring a priority.  There are faculty teaching at Coast District that would not be there if if were not for the leadership and actions taken by Lorraine. 
  • Textbook affordability:  Trustee Prinsky has been a leader in making textbooks more affordable.  She is currently working towards greater adoption of open resource texts and adoption of zero text book cost degree programs.
  • Lorraine was instrumental in bringing the Mendez vs Westminster exhibit to Coast Colleges in September 2016.  She brought together the Museum of Teaching and Learning and Coast District leaders.
  • Serves on OCC Planetarium Committee:  Dr. Prinsky worked with other campus consultants and representatives on design, planning and implementation of plans for the new planetarium to serve OCC students and the community.
  • Transparency in hiring consultants:  Due to Lorraine's initiative, Coast District requested bids for general counsel, other legal services and legislative consultants for the first time in recent memory.  There had been no open process for hiring these consultants before Lorraine led the Board to change the way it was doing business.  
  • Cutting Legal Costs:  Lorraine led the District Board in revising its policy on General Counsel.  The changes she initiated are expected to save Coast District millions of dollars in legal expenditures in coming years.
  • Budget:  Arrived at budget solutions that balanced budget, saved as many classes as possible during economic downturn and avoided layoffs.  Participated in open discussions with all campus constituencies on how cut budget.  Worked for greater transparency and accountability in budgeting process

  • Accreditation:  Lorraine led the District Board in working towards the reaffirmation of accreditation for the three colleges in Coast District.

  • Collaborated with fellow Trustees to sharply reduce and limit travel costs for elected governing board members and staff.  Led the push to set strict limits on annual Trustee travel in order to stop Trustee abuse of District travel budgets.  
  • Helped institute Interest-Based Bargaining for labor contract negotiations, resulting in greater levels of trust and cooperation while negotiating contracts with employee groups
  • Accepted leadership positions on the Coast Board: Elected Board President by fellow Trustees for 2013, 2015 and 2019, served as Board Vice President three times (2009, 2010 and 2018) and Clerk of the Board four times (2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016).  Lorraine has served as an officer of the Board every year since she was elected.
  • Lorraine has been the most consistent and forceful voice on the Board advocating increased hiring of full-time faculty at all college campuses to ensure maximum services to students.
  •  Fulfilled campaign pledge to eliminate pension double dipping and pension spiking among members of the Board of Trustees at Coast Community College District.
  • Participated in District search committees to recruit key executive staff, including Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Educational Services/Technology.
  • Voted to maintain parity pay for part-time faculty members, the largest faculty constituency in the Coast Community College District.
  • Represented the District on the Orange County Legislative Task Force for three years, working to promote legislation supporting community colleges to Orange County legislators in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.
  • Supported the development of the Planetarium Project at Orange Coast College and serves as a committee member for the Orange Coast College Foundation's Planetarium Task Force. 
  • Refused annual 5% pay increases every year served and took 3% pay cut along with other District employees in 2012.
  • Routinely inquired and confirmed District's compliance with California's 50% law and faculty obligation number (FON), to ensure continued District prioritization of funding for the community college classroom.
  • As Clerk of the Board, worked with the Chancellor and administrators on a comprehensive review and update of all outdated District policies. Assisted with the implementation of Board policies to prohibit Trustees from using District Foundation funds for travel reimbursements.
  • Collaborated with fellow governing board members and District staff to revise the District's Mission Statements, goals, and logo, focusing on "Inspiration, Innovation and Graduation."
  • As Clerk of the Board, advised the Board's Student Trustee and District Student Council on student legislation and policy issues. Led student visits with legislators in Orange County and Sacramento.
  • Worked with the Student Trustee and the Secretary of the Board to revise District procedures for the annual election of the Student Trustee. Monitored annual Student Trustee selections to ensure compliance with Board policy.
  • Voted to support the creation, design and construction of the Coastline Community College Newport Beach Learning Center in compliance with LEED environmental certification requirements.

Photos: #! Lorraine Prinsky at dedication of OCC Math and Business Building,  #2 Lorraine with Devin Smith OCC 2016 ,  
#3 Sign in Little Saigon,  #4 With District student supporters